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Thursday 9th Dec'21

"Yesterday I was clever, So I wanted to change the world. Today I'm wise so I'm changing myself." --Rumi--

Breakfast : Ham cheese Croissant with Iced americano.

Just checked out the grocery store they have this nice coffee called "Boss" I guess I will try.

Lunch : Fried minced pork with basil and white rice. It's ok not bad.

Dinner : Plant based meat ball larb with sticky rice and pumpkin.

Wednesday 8th Dec'21

I'm all about the 4 G's :





Busy day as usual, Here what I had for lunch and dinner. We miss you Daddy bear!

Tuesday 7th Dec'21

listen to the silence.

Breakfast : Spinach cheese croissant with Iced americano. Back to basic (',)

Lunch : White rice with boiled egg in Chinese herbs.

Dinner : Salmon sushi.

fruit : orange.

Monday 6th Dec'21

never be an option.

Breakfast : Busy morning again so i grabbed kale smoothie at Jamba juice. So refreshing!

Big lunch: I had grilled salmon with mango salad, fried pork belly and omelet with bacon&crab stick. Stuffy in my belly ^_^

Dinner : Mussels and pork sausage spicy salad. I just died from the spiciness T_T

Sunday 5th Dec'21

You are my universe.

Busy morning so I didn't have time to eat. Luckily, I had a chance to grab my all time favorite coffee at Roast café.

My favorite coffee beside iced americano is iced espresso (cubes) latte. So GOOD!!!

Dinner : Spicy salad with pork ball and sour sausage.

Boiled eggs in Chinese herb and white rice which my mom cooked in the morning and packed for me to eat at dinner time. My mom's cooking skill is THE BEST!

Saturday 4th Dec'21

There's no motivational or inspirational Quotes for you today. If you want to give up then give up!

Well, These are all three meals which I had today with my family. I was so stuffed to the moon and back! hahaha... Eat now, Diet later! ^_^

Friday 3rd Dec'21

don't be perfect, be real.

Started my morning with chicken sandwich and Left over dirty coffee from last night. lol I'm stingy sometimes though. (*_*)

I craved for spicy salad so I ordered spicy mussels salad with white noodles and grilled sausages.

dessert : Affogato.

Dinner : My mom made this red curry and white rice with salted fish. OMG!! So good but the smell of the food is very strong esp from this yummy salted fish lol...

Thursday 2nd Dec'21

dear my handsome and lovely husband, i crave you!

Breakfast : Croissant with Iced americano. I love croissant but i love my daddy bear more.

Lunch : Grilled salmon , Teriyaki pork , salad , kimchi and vanilla ice-cream that for me and baby bear. We love Japanese food! ^_^

Dinner: I was full from lunch so I did not want to eat something heavy so I had pineapple and dirty coffee. :-P

Wednesday the 1st of Dec '21

never spend money before you have it. --Thomas jefferson

First day of December, I started my day with iced americano and spinach ham cheese sandwich. What about you? What did you have for breakfast?

Well.. well.. well I was super busy with a lot of things so I forgot to snap my lunch picture which was rice with red curry.

Dinner : Rice soup with three toppings. So good!