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Tues, 7th Sep'21 :

"If you tell me i'm WRONG i don't wanna be RIGHT"

Monday , 6th Sep'21 :

"Life has its highs and lows. it's ok to feel sad , it's ok to feel unwanted . But just remember that those are just feelings, they are not true." -- Nouran Khazbek

Sunday , 5th Sep'21:

human rights for everybody , there's no difference. Live on! and be yourself. -- macklemore

Breakfast : Custard bun for me and omelet with bacon for my lil baby bear.

Lunch : We ordered shrimp fried rice and young coconut water . So refreshing

After lunch i had durian (my fav fruit). Do you like Durian? If you do , we can be Durian buddy lol i also had Gelato hehehe what a fatty ! Yup no shame cause i'm on vacay !

Dinner : Sticky rice with grilled pork.

Drink : Blue Soda

Fruit : Young tamarind ( super sour ) and i like it!

Good night everyone Zzzzzz

Saturday , 4th Sep'21:

A world so hateful some would rather die to be who they are. --Macklemore

Breakfast : Omelet with ham , Noodles soup'

Lunch : Out and about ... we had grilled cheese sandwich , Copenhagen hotdog and fries.

Dinner : Dinner was lit!!! The best dinner ever!!! We visited my friend's restaurant and of course we spoiled ourselves with these lovely food which are ;

Foie gras wrap , Pomelo salad with scallops , Salmon steak , Doversole and Coconut tiramisu.

Best Best Best !!!!! thumbs up ^_^

Friday , 3rd Sep'21 :

Be patient everything comes to you in the right moment.

Breakfast : Still jetlagged , we had breakfast at the hotel so here it is . A lil bit of this and that.

Snack : Banana pancake with nutella and fried sausages. I bought them outside the hotel along the street . so yummy !

Dinner : Look at this pile of sausages , pork balls and grilled pork! My fav food here <3

Thursday , 2nd Sep'21 :

"When you love someone , you open up your heart " -- unknown

Breakfast : in the sky lol I didn't finish the whole thing though . i was way exhausted than hungry.

Lunch : First meal here noodles salad with seafood , fish and chips for my baby bear along with green apple soda and iced latte.

Dinner : Grilled chicken , grilled chicken liver and sticy rice ! To die for!!!! so gooDDDDD

Wednesday , 1st Sep'21 :

Hello September !!

Maybe healing is just a matter of distance,

between me and your smile ,

between the deer and the bullet .

--Blake Auden

Starting my day with Hot Latte!

i wish all of y'all have a great one !!

Dear my husband ,

if you're reading this now . Remember that i love you so much <3 <3

Hop on the plane to somewhere in the far east ..quick review of some food that we had before we hop on the plane which was tamarind chicken with rice and sunny side egg . Beside that those are some food we had on board and at the lounge . See ya later alligator!

Tuesday , 31st Aug' 21:

life is not just what you see before you but also what is inside of you.

-- Jasmine Kang

Breakfast : Hot americano and crab stick with cheese sandwich.

Lunch : Healthy lunch box from thai restaurant. Rice with sweet and sour chicken and chicken red curry.

Dinner : Paratha bread with veggie grounded beef , cheese and tomato sauce.

Monday , 30th Aug'21 :

If you believe your best days are ahead of you , they are . -- The power of positive leadership

Breakfast : Ham sandwich and hot latte.

Lunch : Fried minced pork with rice and sunny side egg.

Dinner : Mini pork burger .

Sunday , 29th Aug'21 :

Find the light in everything ,

in the window , in the branches of a tree, in the sky

and the clouds , in the sun

and the moon , in the stars

and me and you.

--Jasmine Kang

Breakfast : Donut for breakkie along with Iced latte.

Lunch : All about Bento !! we love Japanese food.

Dinner : Sweet and sour soup , wonton soup , kung pao chicken , sweet and sour chicken and veggie fried rice.

small things make us happy as i bought my husband a pen to use at work . He's so happy to the moon and back.

Saturday , 28th Aug'21

"Meeting you was a nice accident" -- unknown

Busy day so here's our breakfast , lunch and dinner .

Friday, 27th of Aug '21:

Happy girls are the Prettiest

Ikea food and some delicious food from the Butcher shop.

Chicken Florentine. Half a pot of muscles. Salmon salad. Almond cake. Plant based meatballs. Heart from the mashed potatoes. Shredded corn. We ate a lot but we were hungry.

Thursday , 26th Aug'21 :

The wiser you become , the more humble you should become. --Rachel Wolchin

Breakfast : 4cheeses sandwich and iced americano at Starbucks nearby our house . Great start for today ^_^

Lunch : Mixed veggie with rice and spring roll , sweet and sour fish and fried rice with chicken and basil. We bought all these from Thai restaurant.

We love mini carrot cupcake ^_^

Dinner : Veggie sandwich with bacon on top. Garlic bread on the side .

Wednesday , 25th Aug'21 :

"Remember just because you hit bottom doesn't mean you have to stay there." -- Robert Downey Jr.

Breakfast : Ham sandwich

Lunch : Margarita pizza and Mista salad ... yummmmmmmm

Dinner : Prawns rice soup .

Tuesday , 24th Aug'21 :

ego never accepts the truth. .

Today's lunch : Scrambled tofu wrap

Early Dinner : Softshell crab Bao , Butter chicken Bao , Iced Spanish latte , Burrata on a toast and Honey cake ! All ARE SO GOOD! at nomad cafe .

Monday , 23rd Aug'21 :

take me to the ocean where happiness comes in waves.

Breakfast : Sandwich is our morning thing , today i made ham sandwich . Good source of energy to start our day.

Lunch : At IKEA , we had salmon salad , plant base meat ball , veggie sausage on a bun and coffee with muffin.

Dessert : Chocolate ice cream'.... SO GOODDDDDDD

Dinner : Prawns rice soup and Spicy tom yum noodles . LOVE IT!!!

Sunday , 22nd Aug'21:

Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens , everyday can end beautifully.

-- Kristen Butler

Breakfast : Scrambled eggs with bacon and toast .

Lunch : Plant base meat ball and veggie sausage on a bun. So GOOD!!!!!!!

Dinner : Porkless sweet and sour with rice and bagel pizza .

Drink : 7UP

Good Night Everyone ! sweet dreams ZzZzZzZzZz

Saturday , 21st Aug'21:

Every sunset is an opportunity to reset. Today's quote. ^_^

Busy day from morning til evening we only took these pics at dinner time. Yep we kinda love the same food ^_^ can't get enough of mussels and chicken florentine.

Friday , 20th Aug'21 :

success is a way of life .

Breakfast : Crabstick sandwich with black coffee.

Lunch : All about Veggie ^_^

Dinner : Fried dumplings , fried shrimps with black pepper and garlic sauce.

Iced latte for refreshing ...

Time to go get my husband from work ! Have a good evening everyone (>_<) <3

Thursday , 19th Aug'21 :

Do what is right , Not what is easy. -- Govind

Breakfast : Crab stick cheese sandwich ..yumm

Wednesday , 18th Aug'21 :

true love stories , never have endings.

Breakfast : We forgot to snap our lovely breakfast but we snapped our snack and coffee pics .

Dumplings on the go and Espresso shaker cuz life is short .. stay awake! lol

Lunch : noodles soup with Gyoza . I added a lot of chili in my soup can you tell that i love spicy ? :p

Dinner : Spicy noodles salad , corndog and veggie sandwich.

Tuesday , 17th Aug'21 :

Have a lovely day full of joy and happiness especially Leo Peeps! Leo power! Leo girls! Go Leo!

Breakfast : i had cookies with coffee and i forgot to snap the pics lol

Coffee to go !! it's my special day can you tell ?

Dinner : At Chinese restaurant .. we had Shark fin soup , sweet and sour chicken , veggie fried rice and Peking duck ! to die for ^_^

Monday , August 16th ' 21:

chase light

hold on to it

hold on to anything to pull you through the darkness..

Bonjour !!

Breakfast : Muesli with soy milk , avocado and banana.

Lunch : Fried chicken with steamed rice and green salad (to die for ).

Dinner : Noodles soup with Gyoza .. good combo!

Sunday , August 15th' 21:

love is patient , love is kind...

Breakfast : Scrambled eggs with veggie sausages and toast .

Have a lovely sunday yall!

Lunch : Out and about at our fav restaurant . We ordered slightly different dishes than last time . Yummy in my tummy . I also grabbed coffee from Caribou my new fav spot.

Saturday , August 14th' 21:

you live &

you learn ...

you give &

you earn . --dulce ruby

Breakfast : scrambled eggs , avocado , bacon and toast.

Happy Saturday everyone! ^_^

Lunch : Fried rice with chicken

Snack time : fried sweet potato balls , ice cream cone , iced espresso shaker and cupcake ... what a fatty me :p

Dinner : First time i made Lasagna haha not bad though!

Friday , August 13th '21:

We were little children once ! -- Anne

Breakfast : Four cheeses sandwich and iced americano at Starbucks in our neighborhood .

Have a lovely Friday everyone \\ (>_<) //

Lunch : Fried noodles with teriyaki sauce .

Dinner : Veggie sandwich ,Veggie Enchilada and Miso soup.

Thursday , August 12th '21:

Believe in yourself! -- unknown

Breakfast : Muesli with banana in Soya milk after we went Sup'in and i had coffee with a million dollar view. what a lovely morning !

Lunch at home : Fried prawns with soya garlic sauce and fried sausage with egg . Simply delicious!

i craved for cupcake today so we drove to downtown right after lunch and we bought 1Doz of these mini cupcakes . SO GOOD!!

Dinner : Pizza night at one of our fav restaurant . Margarita Margarita and Margarita (",)

Wednesday , August 11th '21:

Lunch out and about with Daddy bear and Baby bear . We stopped by the cupcake place and grab one cupcake to share then we headed to our fav restaurant and ordered pretty much the same food. haha

Dinner : At home , Sushi night again cuz we love SUSHI!!!!

It was a fun day today though . Time to be a couch potato and watch my shows . Good night world! See you tomorrow. Bonne nuit !

Tuesday , August 10th '21:

Everyday is a new day -- Unknown

Breakfast : Honey toast and espresso shot for this lovely morning !

Have a nice day everyone.. Hope you have a great day full of joy and happiness . ^_^

Lunch : Pizza kinda day . We love thin crust pizza. What about you? what kinda of pizza do you like?

Dinner : Quick and easy meal >>>> Fried chicken with garlic and black pepper. yum!

Monday , August 9th' 21:

One of the most essential prerequisites to happiness is unbounded tolerance. -- A.C. Fifield

Morning World!

Breakfast : Ham sandwich with sunny side egg and hot matcha for Daddy bear.

We went out to explore around the hood and bought some kinda pancake dessert and the back way we stopped by McDonald's to grab an iced latte.

Dinner : Veggie sandwich with green salad .

Fruits : watermelon and santol from thailand >_< So refreshing!

Sunday , August 8th '21:

believe you deserve it and the universe will serve it. -- unknow ^_^

Morning world ! starting my day with this lil scone and hot americano . I hope yall have a great sunday !

Lunch : Mommy bear and Baby bear had lunch outside , today we had sushi and of course i did not forget to prepare lunch for Daddy bear which was fried rice and Daddy bear made his own hot matcha green tea before he went to work.

Dinner : I bought noodles with grilled chicken & fried wonton from Thai restaurant.

Dessert : I bought carrot cake from Le Petit Gateux ... Oh la la !!

Saturday, August 7th '21:

Love is...

When you can't fly to see someone but they fly to see you and stay with you in a little room the whole time

When you leave your car because you don't want someone to suffer without a car

When you drive someone to the airport in a big city with lots of traffic for the way back and late at night just to spend those last few minutes with them before their flight

When you fall of your bike and you think soon you'll be crushed by a car but someone has got your back and you owe them your whole life

When your condo feels a a little small and you get a new one right away or when your car is getting a little old and you walk into the showroom and buy a new one on the spot

When you have a flight coming up and someone keeps calling to check you can get comfortable seats weeks before your flight

When you have a big test or something important and someone lights up praying sticks and holds your hands and prays with you

Breakfast for Champion like Daddy : Ham sandwich with sunny side egg on top >_<

Lunch : Out and about with Baby bear , we had Thai food today and we stopped by the mall and grabbed pink berry . I had iced Spanish latte as afternoon delight which Daddy bear bought for me last night and i saved it in the fridge . How fatty i am !

Dinner : Garlic fried rice with fried prawns in oyster sauce and soya sauce.

Good night world >>>>>> ZZZZzzzz

Friday , August 6th ' 21:

I wish i could download money ! -- unknown.

Breakfast : Busy morning and i forgot to snap our breakfast T_T

Lunch : At Daddy bear fav place and he ordered his fav dish which is Mussels .... yummmmm

Baby bear ordered her Chicken Florentina with onion rings guess what ? we finished them all ^_^ who's the real fatty? ME!!!

Dinner : Papaya salad for Mommy bear . Spicy to the moon and back hahaha.

Thursday , August 5th' 21:

Slow down and inhale a little bit of peace. --Lorelei

Breakfast : Sunny side egg with fresh avocado and veggie schnitzel.

Lunch : Veggie sandwich and green salad.

Dinner : fried pork and chicken with garlic and oyster sauce with Japanese rice >_< YUMMY!!

Wednesday , August 4th' 21:

Tuesday , August 3rd' 21:

"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere"

Breakfast : Busy morning just had one crabstick sandwich with cheese then we went to Salon cuz mommy bear needed to stay pretty lol 4 hours at salon and that worth it ! \\(^_^)//

Dinner : We had Chinese food again and again yummmmmmmmmm

Monday , August 2nd' 21:

If you get tired, learn to rest not to quit. -- unknown

Breakfast : Stuffed cheese and crabstick fried bread.

Lunch : at TGIF and coffee at Caribou . Dope!!

Dinner : Rice soup and grilled pork.

Sunday , August 1st' 21:

Hello AUGUST !! My favorite month ^_^

You're way more fly when you don't try. -- Sonya Teclai.

Busy morning , we had so many tasks to do today so i did not have enough time to snap any pics.

only the way home we stopped by one of our favorite grocery store and i bought cheese & chicken samosa to munch in the car.

Lunch : Glass noodles salad .. spicy and yummy level 10 LOL

Quick afternoon out and about just to grab Boba tea or Bubble tea , so refreshing though.

Dinner : Hainan chicken rice . It's kinda flash back our Singapore trip almost 10 years ago when the whole world was Covid free and we traveled everywhere and anytime we wanted.

I can't wait to go back to normal life again . I bet y'all feel the same?

Saturday , July 31st '21:

life is short , be humble. -- unknown

Breakfast with baby bear at starbucks . We had four cheeses sandwich and iced americano.

Out and about with baby bear , i wanted to buy one of these Gucci bags but i cant decide which one haha T_T anyway we had milk shake from Marble slab yep .. yummm as usual.

Lunch : Leftover Macaroni and cheese from yesterday .

Dinner : We went out at the Butcher's shop . We ordered mussel pot and chicken florentina. Nice dinner out with my family .

so stuffed and sleepy ... ZzzzzZZzzzz good night world !

Friday , July 30th '21:

Life comes full circle. -- Tracey Gold.

Breakfast : Croissant with scramble egg and chicken sausage.

Drink : Matcha green tea latte.

Thursday , July 29th '21:

Life is short , stay awake!

Fun day today , we forgot to snap our breakfast anyway we snapped our lunch at Shake shack. Fast food kinda lunch as we were busy the whole morning :P

Dinner : Left over Peking duck which I added rice on top of that . YUM!!

Wednesday , July 28th '21:


Just as distance tests a horse’s strength, time can reveal a person’s heart. -- unknown

Good morning world! Hope y'all have a nice day (",) We started our day with coffee lab lol looks so cool , isn't it?

Dinner : We went to Chinese restaurant and guess what we ordered? haha Peking duck , sweet and sour chicken , vegetable fried rice and mixed appetizer . Honestly , i cant get enough from Peking duck >>>>> to die for.

Tuesday , July 27th '21:

C’est cela l’amour, tout donner, tout sacrifier sans espoir de retour – Albert Camus

Bonjour tout le monde !

J'espère que tu vas bien (>_<)

petit déjeuner : Veggie salami with cheese sandwich and avocado. yummmmmmmmmm !!!!

Lunch out at TGIF everything looks good and tastes good !!!

Dinner : Vegan kinda night with rice pizza , quesadilla and burritos .

Monday , July 26th'21 :

Allow nothing nor no one to slow your pace or affect your energy: stay consistently flowing, forever growing. --Dulce Ruby.

Busy morning so i made quick avocado toast for everyone in the family . Simple and healthy though :)

Cheese corn dog for daddy and baby bear . I had rice soup with tofu skin and minced chicken.

My kinda mixed Poke bowl with ebiko , seaweed , minced chicken in teriyaki sauce and a lil bit of crabstick on top.

Good night world ! See y'all tomorrow >_<

Sunday , July 25th '21:

you can't hold someone captive by holding venom in your own body. -- malanda jean claude.

Bonjour le monde!

We had four cheeses sandwich and iced americano at Starbucks for a change. Lovely morning !! Have a nice day everyone <3 <3

Saturday , July 24th' 21:

"you never have to question something that's real" --Trent Shelton.

Breakfast was simple and delish , i made veggie salami sandwich with sunny side egg on top .

Lunch : i forgot to snap a picture of my spicy noodle soup but i got a pic of my thai styled sour sausages :P they are so yummy for real!

Dinner : Double cheese burger with my special mayo sauce along with our special appetizer fried tufo skin .. dope dope dope.

Friday , July 23rd' 21:

There're 2 ways to be happy : change the situation or change your mindset towards it. --unknown .

Morning world! Hope yall have a great day >_<

Breakfast : Honey ham and Veggie salami with cheese sandwich along with my fav hot americano ......... yay!

Lunch : Fried tofu with oyster sauce on top of egg noodles for daddy and baby bear . Spicy one on the right is for mommy bear of course :p

Date night dinner we had mussels pot .. amazing taste!!! so yummy . Yep my chanel bag needed it own seat as well haha .. (^_^) (",) :p

Thursday, July 22nd' 21:

You will bloom if you take time to water yourself ! -- unknown

Breakfast : Hot latte with honey ham sandwich + cheese + sunny side egg on top >_<

Bon Appetit!

Lunch : Sushi for daddy and baby bear .

Thai styled omelet with sour sausage ( to die for..)

Dinner : Miso soup with Veggie burger with sauté mushroom and onion . It was so GOOD!

Wednesday , July 21st '21:

"You will not be punished for your angers, you will be punished by your anger." -- Buddha.

Breakfast : Honey ham cheese sandwich ^_^

Lunch : Fried rice with sour pork sausage . One of my favorite Thai dish which gives a lil pinch on north eastern food from Thailand. Yummy as usual \\(^_^)// (".)

Out and about at the shopping mall today , i bought espresso shaker from Caribou it was nice and refreshing . We went to Daiso and guess what i bought? haha paper dolls .. bring back my childhood baby!

Dinner : Pork steak with steamed potatoes and green salad .

Good night world !

Tuesday, July 20th '21:

if you want to learn about the world go out in it. --Mae

We had Mcmuffin for breakfast and also we got Happy meal which we were searching for Lebron James toy yesterday . Finally we got it (*_*) yayyyy

Lunch : Fried tofu with minced chicken and carrot sauced up with oyster sauce.

Fried pork with black pepper and garlic ... my fav dish! yummy^_^

Dinner : Veggie burger with sauté mushroom and onion .

So stuffed now haha .. let's see what we are going to munch tomorrow . Good night world!

Monday , July 19th '21:

Tomorrow to fresh woods, and pastures new. --John Milton.

Breakfast : Almond butter with jam and banana. Crab stick sandwich (".)

Lunch : Thai styled omelets with rice and fish sauce.

Dinner : Thai sausages and Chicken sandwiched with green salad.. YUMMMMMM

Sunday , July 18th '21:

The best things in life are not things. -- Ginny Moore

Nice surprised lily bouquet from daddy bear , awww i'm so happy \\(>_<)//

Today's breakkie : Baby bear's fav sandwich at starbucks which is four cheeses sandwich and of course mommy bear ordered her iced americano as usual.

Have a lovely sunday everyone (",)

Saturday , July 17th '21:

always believe that something wonderful about to happen.


Breakfast : Sunny side egg , crispy bacon , garlic bread , yogurt and cappuccino. \\(^^)//

breakfast for champion!! Hip hip Hoorayyyyy <3

Friday , July 16th '21 :

The sun will come out tomorrow -- Annie (Martin Charnin)

Breakfast at McDonald's with baby bear and daddy bear .

Lunch : Gyoza , Fried noodles and Takoyaki that's daddy bear favorite food .

Evening out and about with baby bear. ^_^

Thursday , July 15th ' 21 :

Wednesday , July 14th '21 :

If something stands to be gained , nothing will be lost -- Miquel de Cervantes.

Nothing beats a nice americano in the morning ! Have a lovely day everyone (><)

Our breakfast this morning was crab stick sandwich and of course hot matcha green tea.

Lunch was simple yet delish! Fried bamboo shoot with dried shrimp and egg , egg tofu rolls ... Yummy in my tummy !!!!

Dinner : Thai styled omelets with chinese chilli paste and Gyoza. We also got bubble tea from chinese supermarket nearby.

Good night world ! See ya tomorrow (z_z) Zzzzzzzzz

Tuesday , July 13th '21 :

To the world , you're one person. But to one person , You may be the world! -- unknown

Mommy bear and Daddy bear woke up craving for McMuffin so we drove to McDonald's and ordered our lovely breakfast. Of course , before leaving home Daddy bear asked for his matcha green tea as usual . Our day is lovely! LIVE .. LOVE... LAUGH! (",) \\(^_^)// Hooray <3

Monday , July 12th '21 :

Each of us has his own alphabet with which to create poetry. --irving stone.

Today our baby bear goes out with her grandma to one of the luxury sushi place. Not much today just a normal lovely day as usual. ^_^

Sunday, July 11th '21:

At the end of the game, pawns and kings to back into the same box. - Italian proverb


Fried bamboo shoots with eggs and dried shrimps

Sushi to go

Sushi with eggs, tofu, and ebiko for daddy bear, with love from Mommy bear.

Lunch at TGI Fidays today was so yummy !!

we had buffalo bites , Fridays shrimps and for chocolate turtle. Our baby bear was so happy to have lunch out today with mommy bear while daddy bear was at work (>_<)

Saturday, July 10th '21:

There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self. - Aldous Huxley

Breakfast, Matcha, Coffee and balloons!

Friday , July 9th '21 :

Be a lamp unto yourself. --Buddha

Breakfast : Tuna sandwich with matcha latte by mommy bear (",)

Dinner : Gyoza , spring rolls and avocado salad with ranch dressing .. easy peasy dinner for mommy , daddy and baby bear ^_^

Thursday , July 8th '21 :

Shall we make a new rule of life from tonight : always to try to be a little kinder than necessary? -- J.M.Barrie


Waffle with honey and Reese's

Cappuccino by mommy bear \\(^_^)// (",)

Wednesday, July 7th '21:

Greatness lies not in being strong, but in the right using of strength. - Henry Ward Beecher


Cappuccino and French toast.

Tuesday, July 6th '21:

Life is not measure by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. - Unknown

sushi day

Monday, July 5th '21:

Shoot for the moon, because even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. - Less Brown

getting creative

Sunday, July 4th '21:

"Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance." - Samuel Johnson


Chinese buns with custard, gyozas, rice with seasoning and bamboo shoots.


Crab stick sandwich

Saturday, July 3rd '21:

"It is always easier to fight for ones principles than to live up to them.: - Alfred Adler


Toasted avocado sandwich with Japanese Matcha Tea.

Friday July 2nd '21:

"Don't be afraid to take a big step. You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps."

- David Lloyd George


Infused in coca cola! Absolutely delicious.

afternoon snack

Coffee and a smiley donut.


Today's lunch was not at home. Chicken breast with sriracha sauce and fries. Chicken breast with barbeque sauce and a baked potato.


Sunny side eggs with four cheeses on top, brown bread and matcha green tea. Breakfast for champions.

Thursday July 1st '21:

"Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty." - Anne Herbert


Kimchi Soup, Tofu sandwich and salad. Thank you Mommy Bear (❀´•ᴥ•`)


Matcha chino!


Sushi, with cucumbers, mayonnaise, carrots, pickles and tofu. Japanese Takoyaki with octopus. Balloon style corn dogs.


Chinese buns with salted egg fillings, Pikachu bun with custard cream filing, sunny side eggs and coffee.

Wednesday June 30th '21:


Vietnamese rice sheet salad rolls with crab sticks. Dipped with lemon mayonnaise. Fried tofu with tamarind sauce.


Best corn dogs ever! Veggie burger with cheese and Japanese Kewpie sauce. Maybe the smiley face in the middle took a bite out of each.

breakfast and balloons

Fun with balloons before it gets too hot. Followed by breakfast. Smiley face ketchup, chicken sausage, scrambled eggs, toast and cappuccino, followed by a cup of Japanese Matcha tea with macadamia cookies

Tuesday June 29th '21:

for dinner

fried tofu with sweet tamarind

and peanut sauce

Perfectly fried tofu with a very nice crispy layer on the outside served with tamarind and peanut sauce. Made by Munchy Mommy Bear o( ❛ᴗ❛ )o

special dessert after lunch

Fried Banana for the afternoon. Healthy and really gets your taste buds working.

Made by Munchy Mommy Bear (◕‿◕)

lunch time

Pikachu Steamed Chinese Buns. Pickled eggs in fish sauce. Son in Law Egg.

Thank you Mommy Bear ʕ•̫͡•ʔ♡*:.✧

matcha green tea

Mommy Bear made a wonderful cup of Matcha green tea. Warm milk froth at floating at the the top like bubble bath with the perfect blend of Matcha and non fat milk. Makes you feel like you are sitting in a Tokyo coffee shop on a cloudy winter day just waiting to start your day. Thank you Mommy Bear v.ʕʘ‿ʘʔ.v