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This is the month of October. With Love.

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Tuesday 26th Oct'21

you always gain by giving love.-- Reese witherspoon.

j'adore manger des croissants et du café noir tous les jours!

\\(^_^)// <3 <3

Monday 25th Oct'21

love is not what you say, love is what you do.

Breakfast : Croissant is life! Americano is the air for my lungs lol Being silly billy!

Second breakfast at IKEA cause we can! it was okay i give 5/10

Real lunch at one of daddy bear favorite restaurants. We ordered rice with crab stick and bacon omelet. I also ordered crispy pork with spicy sauce.

Dinner : Spicy salad mixed with all kinda things and grilled intestines. What can i say? SO dang good baby!

Sunday 24th Oct'21

Behind every great daughter is a truly AMAZING DAD!

Daddy bear,

You are an amazing dad!

Yeah, I still can't move on from croissant from Eric Kayser lol

Maybe lunch maybe not : We decided to have an afternoon tea set at Harrods for lunch.

North eastern styled kinda dinner, spicy but yummy!

Saturday 23rd Oct'21

All we have is now.

Breakfast : Congee with chicken and Youtiao.

Lunch : Sukiyaki with veggie noodles... SO GOOD!!! our baby bear loves this veggie noodles to the moon and back. She can eat adult portion btw!

Desserts : Durian ice cream with sticky rice and coconut milk toppings. To die for! haha

Dinner : I had glutinous rice stuffed with fillings and baby bear had cheese sticks.

Friday 22nd Oct'21

the purpose of our lives is to be happy -- dalailama

Chinese kinda breakfast today. I ordered pork bun and youtiao or you can call pa-tong-koh.

Big lunch at the Japanese restaurant, We had Salmon, tuna salad and bento set. so stuffed.

I still can't move on from croissant and Iced americano so i ordered them for after lunch treat.

Dinner : I had Pad Thai with soft shell crab! 10/10

Thursday 21st Oct'21

To err is human, to forgive, divine.

Taking a break from croissant today so i decided to make ham sandwich and ordered iced americano since its on promotion hehe...

I had fried minced pork with basil and sunny side egg on top while our baby bear had fish and chips. I ordered them both from daddy bear's fav restaurant. WE MISS YOU!!!

Dinner : Spicy kinda dinner, crabstick salad fried pork. So YUMMY in my TUMMY :)

Wednesday 20th Oct'21

forgive and forget not revenge and regret.

Breakfast : Iced Espresso with Eric Kayser Croissant. Yep!! Croissant diet lol lol

Lunch : Spicy corn salad as usual!

Dinner : Vietnamese spring roll and seaweed salad.

Tuesday 19th Oct'21

Love cannot be measured by how long you wait, its about how well you understand why you are waiting.

Bonjour! Started my morning with iced espresso and croissant! haha yep croissant (almost)everyday.

Lunch : Spicy corn salad with sticky rice and fried garlic.

Dinner : Baby bear had salmon bowl and i had tofu bowl. So tasty and healthy!

Monday 18th Oct'21

Dear husband,

I love you to the Mars!

Miss you like cray cray...

Breakfast : Iced americano with croissant as usual!

Have a nice day yall!

Quick lunch : Larb plant based so yum!

Dessert : Red velvet cupcake.

Dinner : Tofu bibimbab and fried chicken with rice and salad.

Sunday 17th Oct'21

i love no.17

Fun day today, we went to the mall and did some shopping at Cartier.

Saturday 16th Oct'21

whatever you are, be a good one -- abraham lincoln.

Breakfast : Iced americano with egg mayo sandwich at Starbucks.

Don't judge me! It's busy day out with my baby bear so she was in the mood for McDonald's.

Usual dinner for me : Spicy corn salad with sticky rice and fried garlic.

Plant base larb.

Friday 15th Oct'21

he who knows others is clever, but he who knows himself is enlightened. -- lao tzu

Breakfast : Cheese sandwich and home brew iced americano.

Good morning world!

Lunch : Tofu teriyaki with rice and Salmon teriyaki with rice for Baby bear.

Mixed salad for dinner , why not? haha

Thursday 14th Oct'21

Be yourself, You will not get a second chance to. -- Daniel

Busy morning we skipped breakfast and hit heavy lunch at the mall. We ordered pasta with cream sauce and tempura, along with Tofu pizza yep Tofu pizza .. so delish!

Dinner : Plant base spaghettis, Fish and chips and Iced espresso.

Wednesday 13th Oct'21

I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders. -- Jewish proverb

Baby bear started her morning with bacon and scrambled egg while her mom had only coffee for morning.

snack time i guess ? baby bear had fluffy pancake with cream inside. She said super yum.

Lunch : I ordered veggie spring rolls, vegetarian fried rice and sticky rice with grilled pork for baby bear. So stuffed!

Dinner : I craved for the same old thing as usual, Spicy corn salad with white noodles and fried garlic.

Tues 12th Oct'21

inward happiness almost always follows a kind action. -- father faber

Started my morning routine with same old stuff. Guess what? Croissant and Iced americano are my morning besties!

Have a lovely day everyone!

Fried plant base with basil for lunch. Why not? Healthy and Yummy as usual.

Oolong tea with Durian haha ... just in the mood for that.

Dinner : Tofu salad bowl. So GOOD!

Good night world!

Monday 11th Oct'21

you have always been enough.

Breakfast : Mushroom cream soup with croissant for baby bear.

Lunch : We had hot pot sukiyaki as you can see from the pics above and we also had desserts. So stuffed!! haha

We bought some food and snacks for donation, May all good karma protect us all! Love wins!!

Dinner : I had spicy corn salad with sticky rice and fried garlic. ^_^

Sunday 10th Oct'21

Dear baby bear,

you make me smile every single day.

Late morning at Harrods, today is our baby bear special day! Someone is being spoiled to the max.

We had lunch at the mall which i forgot to snap some pics but anyway we had a good time. We got back home and had vegan burger and cake for dinner.

Saturday 9th Oct'21

Dear husband,

I miss you so much ^_^

Dirty coffee in the morning to start my day.

Lunch : At our favorite restaurant, I ordered Teriyaki tofu and baby bear ordered crunchy sushi.

Pre-birthday cake for our baby bear.

Dinner : I had left over corn salad with white noodles and fried garlic.

Friday 8th Oct'21

you're that part of me that i always need.

Breakfast : Baby bear had toast and bacon. I had croissant and iced americano (home brew).

Late lunch: While i was waiting for baby bear at the mall i had croissant (again) with iced americano as my late lunch today.

Dinner : Baby bear had sticky rice with pork and Acai bowl. So yum!

Thursday 7th Oct'21

Faith makes all things possible, Love makes all things easy and Hope makes all things work.

Today I started my day with the same old stuff, guess what? Iced americano and croissant. Yep I love eating the same things for weeks until I get bored.

Lunch : Sticky rice, fried garlic and spicy corn salad.

Dinner : Salad, Mushroom soup and Larb plant base meatballs with sticky rice. This is so GOOD! for real repeat!! SO GOOD!!

Wednesday 6th Oct'21

Dear Husband,

I'm so proud of you always. <3 <3

Can you tell how much i love having croissant and iced americano in the morning? I'm sure you can tell by now lol.

Lunch : Left over papaya salad from yesterday with white noodles and fried garlic, I mixed them together and it tastes so good.

Dessert : Durian ice cream and cookies and cream for baby bear.

Dinner : Big size of mixed salad along with mushroom crackers. That's lovely meal today! Thanks to my husband who supports us all financially and everything in life, I really appreciated his hard work.

Tuesday 5th Oct'21

"Fall forward"

Started my day with Iced americano as usual along with freshly bake croissant from Eric Kayser Paris. In case you never try YOU SHOULD DEFINTELY TRY !!!

Lunch : Grilled Tofu with rice. So healthy ^_^

Dinner : Baby bear had grilled pork with sticky rice and i had papaya salad with white noodles and mushroom crackers.

Monday 4th Oct'21

Being a good person means more than just doing things for others. You have to accept and love yourself before you can put positive energy into the universe. --unknow

Breakfast : Plain butter croissant with home made Iced Americano.

Lunch : Craving for something spicy so I ordered spicy corn salad with sticky rice.

Dinner : Healthy kinda dinner, I ordered Grilled Tofu salad with sesame dressing. YUMMY ^_^

3rd Oct'21

To Daddy Bear,

How was your day? We miss you so much and I know that you miss us too.

Breakfast : Egg mayo sandwich and Iced americano at Starbucks.

Lunch : Fried mixed veggie with mushroom on top of white rice.

Dessert: Dirty coffee , Iced cacao and chocolate truffle cake.

Dinner: Spicy corn salad with fried garlic. YUMMY! (>_<) <3 <3

2nd Oct'21

life is like a box of chocolates, You never know what you're gonna get. --forest gump

Breakfast : Cheese sandwich at home and then we went out to the mall. We had a chance to go to one of the nice cafes around here which is cafe Katsume Paris. I ordered 2short bread cookies and Iced americano.

Lunch : We went to the korean restaurant, I ordered Tofu Bibimbab and Baby bear ordered Fried chicken with garlic sauce. This is Daddy Bear favorite restaurant though. We miss you!!

Dinner : Spicy salted egg yolks salad with white noodles and fried garlic.

Baby bear had her left over from lunch, we also had Durian ice cream and cupcake for dessert. So stuffed today.. (T_T) G'nite!

1st Oct '21

Love is when the other person's happiness is more important than your own.

Morning world! I started my day with Spinach cheese croissant with Iced americano.

Lunch : Spicy Corn salad with white noodles and fried garlic. To die FOR!!

Dinner : Plant based Kraprao at McDonald's

Dessert : McDonald's ice cream cone.

Some pictures with love:

and you thought I ain't got no surprises up my sleeve. Girl, please!