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January 2022

It's a New Year!

17th Jan 2022

17 is my magic no. What's yours?

Breakfast : Pumpkin bread , sweet potato and boiled egg. Iced espresso latte.


Lunch : Fried chicken with rice and clear soup.

Dinner with baby bear : Mushroom sandwich and Caesar salad with crab meat. LOVE IT ^_^

16th Jan 2022

When you love someone , you will do anything to make that person happy.

Brunch at Dean Deluca, I ordered plant based salad and Lime Soda.

Dinner at Roast , My favorite place over here. What did we get?

Garlic prawns , spaghettis with bacon and onsen egg.

15th Jan 2022

Daddy bear,

I miss you so much! I know you are busy working hard for us all. I wanted to thank you for your hard work and being supportive. I really appreciated. I can't wait to see you. Do you miss us?

Today's food : We ate so good. I probably gain 2 kgs today hahaha I love eating though.

14th Jan 2022

no one is perfect, that's why understanding is so important.

Breakfast : Boiled eggs , Sweet potato and green salad along with iced americano. Feel so healthy today.

After gym i had croissant in the car. no time to eat anything else.

Dinner : clear soup with pork balls and veggie. Feel like having something soupie today.

13th Jan 2022

Life is problems , Living is solving problems.

I skipped breakfast and i just had lunch which is fried noodles with prawns and ebiko.

Dinner : Suki yaki and Dim sum with iced tea.

12th Jan 2022

Don't ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday. Let it go.

Breakfast : Strawberry croissant with iced americano.

Lunch : Spicy salad with fried pork and sticky rice. Spicy to the moon and back 100times :p

Dinner : Grilled Tofu salad and yep i had iced espresso as my second coffee. what can i say i'm a coffee lover.

11th Jan 2022

Do you miss having cracker with me at night?

Busy busy day out and about with lil baby bear, so we snapped a few pictures of what we had today. Have a nice day everyone. Stay positive but negative for covid test.

10th Jan 2022

What comes easy won't last. What lasts, won't comes easy.

Breakfast : Croissant with blue cheese.

Lunch : Cannabis omelet with white rice and fried pork with garlic. SO happy hehehe

Dinner : Iced americano with orange juice and Sushi. So stuffed! Missing my baby today. I wish you were here with us my baby boo!

9th Jan 2022

silence is the best answer to someone who doesn't value your words.

Lunch : Fried minced pork and Chinese sausages with holy basil.

Dessert : Acai and stuffed dough (chinese dessert).

Dinner : Spicy salad, fried pork and sticky rice. Yummy in my tummy woohoo!

8th Jan 2022

Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.

Iced espresso latte at my favorite restaurant. Good to be back home\\ (^^)//

Lunch and dinner combined together as we are so jetlagged.

7th Jan 2022

Daddy bear , Do you know how much i love you?

Breakfast on the plane. So sleep and tired.

Lunch and Dinner at the hotel. Not that bad (*_*)

6th Jan 2022

Sometimes miracles are just good people with kind hearts.

Busy packing so not much time to snap our foodie pics. Anyway gotta hop on the plane now. See y'all tomorrow! Ciao *_*

5th Jan 2022

The greatest gift you can give someone is your time, your love and your attention --Govind.

Breakfast : Croissant and sausage.

Lunch : Margarita pizza and Risotto.

Dinner : No pics. ^_^

4th Jan 2022

You are never fully dressed without a smile.

Our today's food. I'm so thankful of what we have.

3rd Jan 2022

It's hard to find a friend who's cute , loving, generous, funny , caring and smart. My advice to you is , don't lose me. --


Breakfast : sausages and banana pancake , why not?

Lunch : Chicken Florentina and Mussel pot . SO SO GOOD!

Dessert : Red velvet cake

Being bad again haha yep i had instant noodles for dinner.

2nd Jan 2022

i love spending time with you.

Starting my day with iced flat white at my favorite cafe. SO GOOD!

Lunch : Chicken burger and mushroom burger at Shake Shack.

Dessert : Pink berry ice cream

Dinner : Forgot to snap the pic. ^_^

1st Jan 2022

when you love someone , you open up your heart. when you love someone, you make room.

Breakfast : Pancake with banana and blueberry.

Happy New Year everyone!

Lunch : Lunch out with my baby bear. Veggie burger and chicken burger. Yum!

Dinner : Kinda in the mood to be a baddie. Instant noodles is my thing.